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Bernard's Beagle Rescue
We are a small rescue in Western New York State that specializes in finding homes for beagles. Beagles are a very misunderstood breed and are not working dogs and are not outside dogs. Beagles love people and other dogs and want to be a member of your family and must be kept as inside dogs. Beagles should never be allowed off leash unless in a fenced area.

The ads on the top of our website are not authorized by BBR but our placed there by are web host in order to provide this site to our rescue for free. BBR does not endorse any ads on the top of this site.


If you are interested in adopting a beagle then let me explain a little bit about our adoption process.

The Bernard's Beagle Rescue Adoption Process


Adopters must read our BBR Standard's of Adoption and agree with them

Fill out an Adoption Application

Veterinarian reference and/or Personal reference


Adoption Fee (fee varies )

Adopter must stay in touch with BBR for the life of the dog

Steps to take:

Make sure that you are ready to adopt a beagle from BBR. Please read BBR's Standards of Adoption.

Next, look on the list of adoptable beagles to see if there is a dog you are interested in adopting.

If so, contact BBR to send you the Adoption Application, and submit it back to BBR either by email or Fax .

If there is not a dog that fits your needs, don't worry! E-Mail BBR at with an idea of the kind of beagle you are looking for and then fill out and e-mail or fax the adoption application to us so we can look for a beagle for you! There are many lovable beagles looking for good homes.

After we receive your application, someone from BBR will call you for an interview.

When you've met the dog you like and have decided to adopt him/her, we'll schedule a homecheck. If the homecheck is fine, you'll finish the paperwork and schedule a time to pick up your new family member.

Please be sure to get in touch with any comments or reactions you have to my site.
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